Aerogel fireproof coating

Aerogel fireproof coating

Kistler ® intumescent aerogel fireproof coating is a double-component, solvent-free epoxy fireproof coating, which is applied to the surface of the substrate. The coating will expand and sponge when exposed to fire, and then carbonize instantly to form a thermally insulating refractory layer, delaying the heating speed of the substrate, and thereby improving its fire resistance. 0.6 mm-thick Kistler ® intumescent fireproof coating can expand 20 times when exposed to fires burning at 1000℃, and the back surface temperature won’t exceed 200℃ within 5 minutes. This coating can be widely applied to metal surfaces, including the battery packs of new energy vehicles, and it has a robust fireproofing and thermal insulation effect.

Product features

Application field

Kistler ® double-component aerogel fireproof coating can be sprayed on the surface of the battery box cover to provide thermal insulation and fireproofing.



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