Aerogel battery thermal barrier

Aerogel battery thermal barrier

Kistler ® aerogel battery thermal barriers are made with the core materials of preoxidized fiber or other types of aerogel composite materials, and have a polymer (PET, PI) film or flame retardant coating as the packaging material. After hot pressing or coating, they have excellent thermal insulation, fireproofing, and cushioning functions. These barriers are mainly used for thermal protection between the lithium battery cells, which can effectively prevent thermal runaway in the cells, and greatly improves the driving safety of new energy vehicles. In case of any thermal runaway in one of the electric cells, the aerogel thermal barrier between the cells can block the heat transfer to the adjacent cells and prevent heat diffusion, thus avoiding the domino effect of thermal runaway in the electric cells of new energy power batteries.

Product features

Application field

The aerogel battery thermal barrier can be used in the thermal management system of batteries including power batteries and energy storage batteries. Products with different thicknesses or sizes can be customized as required.



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