Aerogel  KSL6

Aerogel KSL6

Kistler® KSL6 silica aerogel powder/particle is an inorganic material with a networked, three-dimensional nanopore structure. Its porosity reaches 80-99%, with pore sizes that are concentrated between 10-50nm, and featuring thermal conductivity at room temperature that can be as low as 0.013W/(m.k). The product has broad application prospects in areas including heating, acoustics, mechanics, optics, electricity, and pharmaceuticals.

Product features

Application field

As a substitute for traditional thermal insulation materials, Kistler ® KSL6 can be compounded with different fiber substrates to make aerogel composite thermal insulation felt, used as the main raw material to make aerogel thermal insulation coatings, and used as the functional thermal insulation filler to produce aerogel thermal insulation glass, aerogel thermal insulation board, and other derivative products in various forms. Such products have a wide range of applications in the petrochemical industry, thermal engineering, thermal equipment, and LNG storage, as well as in transportation, traffic transportation, military engineering, and other related areas.



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