Building platforms for the future

        On the Sep. 7th morning , it was coincidental that Dean Zhou Xiaohang of China Academy of Transportation Sciences visited Jiaxing Nanhu Research Institute for Future Transportation (NRIFT). Under the witness of Dean Zhou, IBIH held a signing ceremony with multiple units such as NRIFT, XPENG AEROHT, and Hangzhou City University etc.. IBIH became a founding member of the "Innovation Consortium". Marketing Director Dong Haibing signed the contract on behalf of the company.
        The signing of this contract to form a consortium aims to establish a joint laboratory for " road and air transportation" vehicles and advanced transportation, and carry out typical project research; Committed to promoting innovative applications of advanced technologies, materials, and processes in the development and production of "road and air transportation" vehicles such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, and flying cars, guided by the advanced transportation application scenarios of "road and air transportation"; Further promote the development of the "road and air transportation" and even the comprehensive three-dimensional transportation industry.
        Before the signing ceremony, under the leadership of Dean Zheng Hua of Nanhu Research Institute for Future Transportation (NRIFT), attendees from IBIH, drone enterprises, and Hangzhou City University briefly reported on their respective companies and innovation progress to Dean Zhou. Mr. Zhou and the leaders expressed their appreciation for the great contributions made by IBIH in the aerogel industry in recent years, especially for the safety assurance of new energy transportation. Dean Zhou said that traffic innovation cannot be separated from new and good materials, and he believed that aerogel materials would make outstanding contributions to the " road and air transportation " industry.
        After the signing ceremony, the attendees visited the planned " NRIFT Flight Camp", expressing their opinions on transportation innovation and full of confidence in the future transportation.



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