Dr. Wang Yunhong visited TUHH with R&D Engineers

        On 5th September 2023, IBIH, TUHH (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany), and Aerogel-it held a cooperation trialogue at TUHH, Germany. Dr. Wang Yunhong, CEO & Chief Scientist of IBIH, with R&D engineers Li Qin and Wang Weiling, participated in the meeting and met with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Timm-Giel, president of TUHH, after the meeting.

        At the meeting, Dr. Wang Yunhong, R&D engineers Li Qin and Wang Weiling gave presentations separately around the topic "Industrial practice and R&D Achievements of IBIH", and showedvarious aerogel samples developed by IBIH R&D Centre to the participants. Participants from the TUHH and Aerogel-it reacted to the presentations and samples with overwhelming responses and great appreciation. Besides, the three parties had an in-depth and productive discussion on aerogel technology and reached a consensus on further enhancing the cooperation.

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         After the meeting, Dr. Wang Yunhong and the R&D engineers paid a visit to the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), where the President of TUHH, Prof. Timm-Giel, received Dr Wang Yunhong and his team cordially. Dr. Wang Yunhong was invited to give an insightful presentation on "Aerogel Development in China". After the presentation, Prof Timm-Giel had a deep exchange with the IBIH team on the topic and expressed his positive attitude towards the development prospect of the aerogel industry.

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        In the end, Dr. Wang Yunhong expressed his gratitude to TUHH for the warm reception and hospitality and said that IBIH will collaborate actively with all parties to promote the further development of the global aerogel industry.

By Meng Xiao

Published: Sep 07, 2023



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