Energy Saving for Buildings

IBIH is committed to developing new aerogel products for buildings. Utilizing aerogel technology, IBIH provides comprehensive energy-saving solutions for buildings, reducing energy loss and improving living comfort.

Comprehensive solution for energy saving in buildings

In 2018, the total carbon emissions for the whole process of national buildings was 4.93 billion tons, which was the highest, accounting for 51.3% of national carbon emissions. Faced with the increasingly serious problem of climate change, countries around the world have reduced greenhouse gases(GHG) by means of a global agreements. Achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutralization is a key task in China. Currently, from classical buildings to modern high-rise buildings, fireproofing, energy conservation, and space are the three basic needs for architects and owners. Heavy conventional thermal insulation materials can improve energy efficiency, but will also inevitably sacrifice space, which may affect the integrity of the building, and reduce the living standard or reduce the investment income of the owner.

Supporting products

Supporting products



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